Drug and Alcohol Rehab in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

POST House Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation in New Jersey


Working together to kick drug & alcohol abuse in New Jersey

POST House specializes in offering caring, individualized treatment for drug and alcohol addiction in our private facility in New Jersey.

Focusing on your specific goals, POST House staff will guide you or your loved one through a treatment plan that includes personally meaningful goals and objectives.

POST House offers short and long-term residential substance abuse treatment, intensive outpatient and traditional outpatient drug and alcohol treatments, and has the capacity to treat individuals with co-occurring disorders.

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New Jersey Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

Substance abuse treatment at POST House is led by an experienced team of Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors who are dedicated to care for the whole individual, not just the addiction. They help everyone who comes to POST House to explore their addiction by educating them about the disease of addiction and how to live a substance free life. Following a customized treatment plan, the counselors create an immediate plan of action and work with you towards long-term and lasting recovery.

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Testimonials from Drug Free POSTHouse Clients

Everyone who comes to POST House leaves with a story. Alumni of POST House residential treatment enter the facility broken and hurting and leave clean and sober, ready to live a new kind of life free of addiction and old patterns. Getting back to work, getting back to family, living life from a fresh perspective is the story every POST House Alumni writes for themselves.

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